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"I highly recommend the Spiritual Gifts Assessment. Its strength comes from not only identifying a person's spiritual gifts, but matching those gifts with their passion/passions." 

         Pastor Carmichael

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"Our number one goal is to provide you cutting-edge technology, instant feedback and analysis of what makes you tick."        
                               Dr. Bruce Oliver

By using this site you could better understand the gifts and talents you possess. You will identify your two top behavioral styles and four top spiritual gifts.    Your church pastor will receive access to a job placement worksheet which you can complete and see where in the body of Christ you Fit In.

Questions are not timed but you should allow 30 to 45 minutes for completion. Remember this is NOT a TEST.  There  are  no  right  or  wrong  answers. Once you start the assessment you need to complete all questions for your login to work properly so make sure you have allowed enough time to complete the process.

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Great News!  You may now take your assessment using your smart phone, your tablet, laptop or use your desktop computer.  If you choose to use your smart phone or tablet, you will have access to viewing your final Result Page.

You are encouraged to use a wireless printing solution on your phone.  Using Google Chrome to login and print seems to work nicely for Android users.  

Not to worry... we  will send you an email with a link to your unique Result Page.  When using a computer that has a printer currently installed, you will be able to print your Results Page for your records.

Your link is good for a 30 day period.  This should give you plenty of time to print your Results Page when no wireless printer is installed on your smart phone or tablet.

Licensed Professional Counselor

"I am pleased to express my confidence in the Spiritual Gifts Assessment offered by Dr. Bruce Oliver. It is a very helpful tool for pastors to use to help their church members identify their spiritual gifts and to determine areas in which each individual could best serve God and their church.  
I enjoyed finding this more in-depth assessment to learn about my spiritual gifts. It inspired me to develop them more, as well as to invite some of my clients in my counseling practice to take the Assessment to help them understand their gifts. As a Christian Counselor, this tool helps me assist clients who are distressed because they do not know what their spiritual gifts are or what they can do to enhance their ministry.      
I encourage all pastors to give the Spiritual Gifts Assessment a try, and to offer it as a resource to their congregations."

Patricia Burke, DCH, LCSW

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